Lifetime Can Replacements – 1/2oz Cans


You may only order as many cans as you ordered in your original order.  If you order more pepper spray cans than your original order, we will refund the additional cans and only ship the number of cans in your original order.

You get cheap lifetime can replacements if you registered your product within 14 days of your purchase.

Please upload a photo of your empty can visibly showing your finger depressing the trigger (see photo below for accepted photo view). (Due to customers abusing the program, we are now forced to have you submit a photo of your empty pepper spray can.  We check photos closely to verify depression.) Image files can be either a .jpg, .png or .bmp  If your submitted photo doesn’t look like the one below we will refund your order.

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That's right, for becoming a Personal Savers customer you get cheap lifetime replacements. If you meet any of the below requirements, you can pick up a replacement can anytime, for LIFE.

You emptied your bottle after spraying an attacker

Your bottle is empty from testing it periodically, as instructed.

Your bottle is more than two years old.