Bicycle Pepper Spray Mount: 4oz Police Grade Pepper Spray with Multiple Mounting Options for Road and Mountain Bikes

Keep Safe with the Barricade Pepper Spray Bike Mount – Perfect for Your Outdoor Adventures

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Dual snap-in, snap-out bracket made of high strength ABS plastic with rubber straps for extra pepper spray can security to the bracket.


The bracket has built in water bottle cage mounts & has a curved designed with rubber backing so the bracket can be mounted anywhere with our unique designed silicone straps if water bottle cage mounting isn’t an option.


4 ounces of police-grade pepper spray that shoots up to 25ft feet with a quick flip safety top.


Lifetime Warranty On Your Barricade – $4 Pepper Spray Replacement Cans For Life. If you are not satisfied for any reason, return your Barricade for a full refund, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose.


When you spend $30. Pick an extra one up for your friend or family member.

Barricade Pepper Spray for Bicycles – Secure Mounting for Any Cycling Adventure

Stay safe on your cycling adventures with the Barricade Pepper Spray, a unique defense solution designed specifically for mountain and road cyclists. Its rugged design is tailored to withstand the demands of backcountry and local trails, providing robust protection in a user-friendly, efficient package.

Police-Grade Pepper Spray for Effective Defense

The Barricade features a versatile bracket that securely mounts to any part of your bicycle—from the frame to the seat post. Equipped with built-in water bottle mounts, this bracket integrates seamlessly with your bike’s existing mounting brackets. Suppose water bottle mounts are not an option. In that case, the included silicone straps and rubber backing ensure a secure fit to withstand even the most challenging terrains. This innovative bracket supports our unique snap-in, snap-out technology, ensuring your pepper spray remains securely in place no matter the trail or road conditions.

Durable Bracket Design for Universal Mounting

The Barricade is armed with a 4-ounce can of police-grade OC pepper spray. Its powerful ballistic stream, which can reach up to 20 feet, ensures you can maintain a safe distance from threats. Its quick flip-top design, inspired by law enforcement standards, enables rapid deployment, providing you with instant peace of mind and reliable protection.

Compact, Durable, and Ready for Any Ride

From casual rides through your local area to intense mountain biking, the Barricade Pepper Spray is your dependable companion for ‘bicycle self-defense.’ Its rugged construction ensures it stays put, so you can focus on the ride, knowing you’re prepared for anything. Whether you’re defending against human threats or wildlife, the Barricade offers versatile ‘bike-mounted pepper spray’ solutions for personal self-defense.

Why You’ll Want One

Feel more secure and confident on every ride with the Barricade pepper spray mounted on your bike. Knowing you have quick and easy access to self-defense can significantly ease your mind, especially when navigating less-traveled trails or late-night city routes. The Barricade is designed to be unobtrusive yet always within reach, so it doesn’t alter the enjoyment of your ride but enhances your sense of safety.

Get Your Barricade Bicycle Pepper Spray Mount Today

Improve your safety while cycling today. The Barricade Pepper Spray Mount is a crucial addition to your rides. Don’t wait for a close call—this small investment dramatically enhances your security, ensuring you return home safely every time. Purchase your Barricade today!

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